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In 2021, Kelly Crawford and Daryl Hill crossed paths and made the decision to join forces, transforming their shared hobby into a thriving business venture.

Although it feels like a distant memory now, back in late 2013, I, Kelly, embarked on designing a collection of sterling silver jewellery specifically tailored for Equestrians. Initially, I crafted and designed each piece by hand, and later on, molds were created from those original designs. To this day, some of these molds continue to be utilized for casting our jewellery pieces right here in New Zealand. These molds serve as the foundation for various jewellery creations, ranging from pendants to bangles and bracelets, and have become the defining elements of our brand's identity.

After the COVID lockdown, my partner Daryl Hill encouraged me to pursue my dreams and dedicate myself full-time to my passion, expanding our range to include gold jewellery. Taking a deep breath, I made the leap! Daryl joined me as a business partner, embracing the opportunity to learn something new every day and taking on the tasks I prefer not to handle. These usually involve more physical strength and are often considered less glamorous.

With Daryl's background in Agricultural Contracting and Dairy Farming, this transition marks a significant change for him. He can talk endlessly about hay and bailage! Nevertheless, together, we have decided to embark on a new chapter in our lives.

Our guiding principle in everything we do is "family first." As parents and grandparents to amazing children, we strive to enjoy our time with them, support our families, and empower them to grow and prosper in their own endeavours.

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