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Discover Fragranzi Artisan Perfume Studio at The Arts Centre, your ultimate destination for an unforgettable pre-wedding occasion. Whether you're creating a bespoke perfume for your special day or wanting an enjoyable and shared hen’s party experience, Fragranzi offers a hands-on, enlightening, and truly magical journey into the world of fragrance.

Discover how perfume notes can trigger connections to distant places, cherished memories, and beloved individuals. With 25 blended perfume components at your fingertips, you'll embark on a sensory exploration, crafting your own unique scent. As laughter fills the air, creativity flows, and  camaraderie grows, you'll receive admiration and advice from your companions, enhancing the experience.

Delving deeper, you'll gain a fascinating insight into the art of perfumery itself. Unveil the secrets of fragrance composition, understanding the interplay between top, middle, and base notes that give perfumes their exceptional character.

Choose a 15 or 50 mL bottle and adorn it with a personalized label, adding a touch of elegance and individuality to your creation. Consider incorporating a specific perfume note from our custom range of over 200 options, ensuring no "must-have" component is left out.


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