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Founded over 150 years ago, with the planting of a Holm Oak as a symbol of love and marriage, Ilex stays true to these rich origins and beauty of the breathtaking Christchurch Botanic Gardens. Situated at the centre of this world-renowned site, surrounded by majestic trees, exotic flowers and the tranquil Avon River, Ilex’s wedding spaces are a celebration of the nature around us. This is an oasis in the heart of Christchurch. From design through to service, we’re passionate about creating unique wedding experiences with a sense of effortless elegance; a full sensory journey inspired by our vibrant backdrop.

Through our events and spaces, our dedicated team of event planners and culinary experts aim to create experiences that let us share and express our gratitude for nature. From design through to service, Good Company is passionate about creating unique Wedding experiences with effortless attention to detail. Offering full sensory journeys inspired by our vibrant backdrop, Good Company is renowned for delivering some of Christchurch’s most iconic Weddings. From lavish garden parties to sit-down dinners and bespoke weddings cooked over heart wood flame, Good Company offers all the services to fulfill all your 
wedding needs.

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